The word “Florilegium” is a composite word from the Latin “flos” meaning “flower” and “legere” meaning “to gather.” In the medieval period, the word florilegium was used primarily in two ways. The Florilegium was a book of botanical illustrations or a literary anthology. In the medieval period, books were expensive and difficult to come by.Continue reading “Florilegium”

Informational Open House

We’re hosting another informational open house on Friday, July 2nd at 7pm at our home. We’ll provide hors d’oeuvres and wine and answer your questions about St. Francis Classical Academy!Childcare will be provided. Feel free to contact us for directions or more information. – Bobby McGee 850-712-0709 stfrancisclassical@gmail.com

What is classical education?

St. Francis Classical Academy is an ecumenical Christian school, meaning that we enroll families from many denominations to participate in the work of classically educating their children. Our school is safe, our students laugh and are happy, we memorize the scriptures, and we sing and pray together. But, because we are a classical school, weContinue reading “What is classical education?”

What kind of people will your children become?

The father of a family who recently applied wrote the following in answer to an application question: I desire to raise children who love their souls more than their bodies, who love others’s souls more than their own, who love and fear God and His divinely-appointed authorities, including and especially the generations of wise fathersContinue reading “What kind of people will your children become?”