Poetry For Memorization

First Form

ABC Book: Dr. Seuss
Stopping By the Woods: Robert Frost
Limericks from This Singing World
Any from A Child’s Garden of Verses: Stevenson
Any of Pooh’s songs from Winnie the Pooh: AA Milne
At The Seaside: Robert Louis Stevenson
The Swing: Robert Louis Stevenson
Mice: Rose Fyleman Sunning: James S. Tippett
Eletelephoney: Laura Elizabeth Richards
Animal Crackers: Christopher Morley
Any from Now We are Six: AA Milne
All Things Bright and Beautiful: Cecil Frances Alexander
The Shepherd: William Blake
The Lamb: William Blake
On Another’s Sorrow: William Blake
The Last Word of a Bluebird: Robert Frost
The Germ: Ogden Nash
From Snow in the Suburbs: Thomas Hardy
Beatrix Potter: When the Dew Falls Silently, Once I Saw a Little Bird, The Man in the Wilderness, The Little Black Rabbit, Tommy Tittle-mouse, Apply Dapply
Margaret Wise Brown: We Have a Little Garden In the Woods High on a Hill, Sleepy, Creepy Squirrel, Good-bye Little Bunny Good-bye
Dust of Snow: Robert Frost
Some One: Walter de la Mare
God is the Maker of the World: Ralph Waldo Emerson
Bee! I’m Expecting You!: Emily Dickinson
The Eagle: Alfred Lord Tennyson
Forgiven: AA Milne
A Morning Hymn: Christopher Smart
Rising in the Morning: Hugh Rhodes
The Land of Counterpane: Robert Louis Stevenson
My Shadow: Robert Louis Stevenson
Going Down Hill on a Bicycle: Henry Charles Beeching
Little Things: Julia Fletcher Carney
The Violet: Jane Taylor
The Village Blacksmith: Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
Ode on a Grecian Urn: John Keats
From Isthmian Odes: Pindar, translated by Geoffrey S. Conway
The First Olympic Ode, excerpt from Pythian: Pindar
Aeneid Book 1 Lines 195 to 207: Virgil, Dryden’s translation
The Iliad, Book 9, lines 499-505: Homer
The Convert: G.K. Chesterton
Forms of Heroes: Nathaniel Hawthorne
Ozymandias: Percy Bysshe Shelly
The Windhover: Gerard Manley Hopkins
Pied Beauty: Gerard Manley Hopkins
The Lake Isle of Innisfree: William Butler Yeats
Jabberwocky: Alice in Wonderland Blow,
Bugle, Blow: Alfred Tennyson
Sonnet 116: Shakespeare

Second Form

Before the Birth of One of Her Children: Anne Bradstreet
God’s Grandeur: Gerard Manley Hopkins
The Peace of Wild Things: Wendell Berry
Sonnet 18: Shakespeare
Sonnet 27: Shakespeare
Sonnet 65: Shakespeare
Sonnet 73: Shakespeare
When You Are Old: Yeats
Annabel Lee: Edgar Allan Poe
Death, be not proud: John Donne
Kubla Khan: Samuel Taylor Coleridge
The Trade: Rudyard Kipling

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Third Form

And Is There Care in Heaven? – Spenser
Love – George Herbert
Leave Me, O Love – Sidney
Ode on Solitude – Alexander Pope
Holy Sonnet 14 – John Donne
The Tyger – William Blake
The World is Too Much With Us – William Wordsworth

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