St. Francis Classical is always on the lookout for odd and passionate people. If you love good wine, medieval history, old cheese, dirt, daily fresh roasted coffee, minimal paperwork, and 4 day school weeks, please consider contacting us about joining our faculty.

Mrs. Terri (Mia) McGee

Mrs. McGee teaches in the First Form. She has a Master’s degree in Early Childhood Education in addition to her experience as a classical teacher. She is the proud mother of four classically educated, poetically-minded, creative, adult children, and is known to her nine spectacular grandchildren as “Mia.” She enjoys working in the kitchen, hosting events, playing her oboe, and sewing. When she grows up she’d love to be able to play the cello.

Mrs. Christy Berube

Mrs. Berube teaches Third Form Latin and First Form Language Arts and Mathematics. She has a Bachelor’s degree in Music Performance, has several years’ experience teaching classical Latin, and is the wife of a generous husband and the mother of five beautiful children.  She also enjoys reading, crocheting, landscaping, cooking, and boating with her family.

Mrs. Mary McGee

Mrs. McGee teaches 3rd and 4th grades and Third Form Latin. She has 14 siblings, most of whom still live in Seattle, and an Associates Degree from New St. Andrews College. She is the cheerful and hospitable wife, mother, and friend. She loves to make cheese, bake bread, garden, and milk the family goats each morning.

Mr. Bobby McGee

Mr. McGee teaches full time in the Second Form. He is a co-founder of St. Francis Classical Academy and is unashamedly related to the other co-founder. He has a Bachelor’s degree in English Literature; he is a mechanic, a sailor, a farmer, an apiarist, a traditionalist, a Wendell Berry devotee, and the father of five.

Mr. George Reed

Mr. Reed teaches 7th and 8th grade Humane Letters and Logic. He is a humanities major who has a passion for literature and language. He served as a linguist in the US Navy and lived overseas for years, traveling and working in many different countries. In the intervening years, Mr. Reed has continued to educate himself in classical pedagogy, languages, international affairs, and theology. Mr. Reed enjoys traveling with his wife and five children, surfing, hiking, reading, writing, and creating music.

Mrs. Lockett Degraaf

Mrs. DeGraaf teaches Second and Third Form science. She has a Bachelor’s degree in Environmental Sciences and began educating classically 10 years ago. She has worked as a home and private school educator. She is known for her joie de vivre in exploring nature through hiking, kayaking, and running. She delights in these pursuits with her devoted, good-humored husband and their kind, clever teenage boys. As you read this she is hiking the Appalachian trail!

Mrs. AJ Traylor

Mrs. Traylor teaches Introductory and Advanced Physics. She holds a BS in Psychology & Spanish from Michigan State University and completed Graduate coursework at Western Michigan University and the University of West Florida. She attends Christ Church in Pace, FL, is the wife of the handsome Steve Traylor, the mother of gift from God, McKinley, and the future mother-in-law of the wonderful Kevin Dulion. She enjoys running, loves her dogs, and savors excellent wine.

Mr. Collin McGee

Mr. McGee is a co-founder of St. Francis Classical Academy. He was classically educated from kindergarten through college, and discovered his penchant for teaching after a few years constructing and renovating houses. He now teaches for a living. He is the father of two strapping young boys and the husband of a lovely and kind artist.

Mr. Sean Johnson

Mr. Johnson teaches Humane Letters, Aesthetics, Latin, and Mathematics in the Third Form at St. Francis. He has taught Humanities, Theology, and Latin since 2013. He grew up in Oregon and was inspired to pursue classical education by his high school philosophy teacher (whose name was Plato). Mr. Johnson earned a degree in Liberal Arts & Culture from New Saint Andrews College and a Master of Arts in English from University of Dallas. He also serves as a Reviews Editor for the CiRCE Institute’s FORMA Journal. Sean and his wife, Heather, have four young children—Samuel, Graham, Nicholas, and Rosalind. He enjoys reading, writing, and sharpening kitchen knives, and cooks almost as well as his wife.

Mr. Joshua Butcher

Mr. Butcher teaches Junior and Senior rhetoric. After pursuing modern undergraduate and graduate degrees about rhetoric he has spent the last twelve years as a teacher learning how to train rhetoric classically. When he’s not refining students’ invention and elocution, Mr. Butcher improves his coffee roasting, cutlery sharpening, and rabbit cage constructing skills. Mr. Butcher is married to the indefatigable Hannah and is the father of four festive boys and one gregarious girl.