What is classical education?

What is Classical Education?

St. Francis Classical Academy is an ecumenical Christian school, meaning that we enroll families from many denominations to participate in the work of classically educating their children. Our school is safe, our students laugh and are happy, we memorize the scriptures, and we sing and pray together. But, because we are a classical school, we are philosophically and ideologically different from any other Christian, public, or preparatory school in the Southeast. We’re different because classical education isn’t pragmatic. It’s not primarily about useful things. It’s about beautiful things. 

Our students read the classics and memorize scripture and poetry. They recite, sing, write, debate, and act. 3rd graders study ancient Greek and Roman art and literature, 6th graders read Shakespeare and Sophocles, 12th graders read Virgil in Latin, upper school students delve into theology, political philosophy, and economics and read Augustine, Smith, Plato, and Burke. 

Classical students graduate with the ability to answer questions like: What opera is best? Do you prefer the paintings of the renaissance or baroque period? Who is your favorite historian? They are taught to interpret all of their experiences and loves in light of their loves of the greatest things. 

Our final aim is not good test scores, though many students certainly achieve those. Our aim is to graduate able Christian citizens, linguists, philosophers, historians, political theorists, and theologians — free men and women who will go out to wage cosmic war on rulers, principalities, and the powers of darkness. 

If this kind of education appeals to you, we’d love for you to join us at St. Francis Classical. You can find an application on our website.

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