Field Day Fridays

Field Day Fridays

One of the beautiful things about the university model at St. Francis Classical Academy is the time and flexibility afforded to families and children to learn, explore, and create. Because classes are held Monday through Thursday, families have the opportunity on Fridays to continue book-studies at home or to wander off in pursuit of other educational ends.

In the spirit of broad and beautiful education, the Tutors at St. Francis Classical will be offering once-a-month Field Day Fridays to any student enrolled in at least one class. Attendance at Field Day Fridays is entirely optional. Activities will be announced ahead of time and may include lessons and hands-on experience with the following:

Bread Baking
Horseback Riding
Auto Repair and Maintenance
Animal Husbandry
Pasture Management
Wood Splitting
Knot Tying
Seine and Cast Net Fishing

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